DOI: 10.14309/crj.0000000000001246 ISSN: 2326-3253

Amanita Mushroom Toxin Poisoning in Los Angeles County

Parker G. Jobin, Connor Stewart, Aarshi Vipani, Ingrid Perez-Alvarez, Samuel Pepkowitz, Ellen Klapper, Anders Berg, Kaytlena Stillman, Sam Torbati, Alexander Kuo, Hirsh Trivedi, Ju Dong Yang, Jonathan Steinberger, Richard J. Van Allan, Oren Friedman, Kathryn Cardoza, Walid S. Ayoub
  • General Medicine


Mushroom (amatoxin) poisoning from ingestion is a rare but life-threatening medical emergency characterized by gastrointestinal symptoms before progression to multisystem organ failure in severe cases. Many therapies of amatoxin intoxication have been described, including supportive care, medical therapies, detoxification strategies, and liver transplant. The evidence supporting these therapies remains limited due to the rarity of amatoxin poisoning and challenge of a timely diagnosis. We report a case of amatoxin poisoning in Los Angeles causing severe liver injury without acute liver failure treated successfully using medical therapies, gallbladder drainage, and plasma exchange.

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