DOI: 10.4103/sjoralsci.sjoralsci_54_23 ISSN: 1658-6816

Alternative prosthetic approach in the management of flabby edentulous anterior maxilla: A case report and literature review

Radwan Algabri, Sadeq Altayyar, Nahla Alsaed, Marwa Mostafa, Ahmed Yaseen Alqutaibi, Mostafa Swedan
  • General Medicine


A flabby ridge is a condition where excessively mobile and resilient tissue affects the maxillary or mandibular alveolar ridges. This study reviews the flabby anterior maxillary ridges and explores their management. It also included a case report of a 67-year-old male diabetic patient with rare manifestations in the anterior maxilla. The selection of this patient in this study was due to the rare flabby tissue manifestations in the anterior maxilla. These manifestations resulted in denture instability and loss of retention but also caused significant symptoms for the patient, including severe pain, prolonged headaches, and a burning sensation. This study aimed to alleviate pressure on the flabby tissues in the anterior maxilla and enhance the complete denture’s retention, support, and stability. In managing the flabby anterior maxilla described in this study, the prosthetic approach involved utilizing a modified window technique for the secondary impression and a low-viscosity impression material. On the following day till the follow-up period (12 months), the patient showed no complaints of pain, headache, or burning sensation, and the complete denture was in good retention, support, and stability. Prosthodontic management is a reliable alternative to surgery for hypermobile flabby tissues. It improves denture quality, reduces pressure, and enhances comfort and functionality during daily activities.

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