DOI: 10.54207/bsmps1000-2005-vg9844 ISSN:

Alternaria Blight of Eucalyptus Hybrid and its Management

Parul Shukla, Shubha Trivedi, Ram Srivastava, A. Kumar
The present paper deals with Alternaria blight disease of Eucalyptus hybrid and its management. The symptoms of necrosis of leaves and shoots starting from the tip and progressively downwards giving a blighted appearance to the infected leaves and shoots on seedlings at nursery stage were observed. In order to find out an effective management of disease, seven fungicides, viz. Dithane M-45, Difolatan, Zineb, Bavistin (0.2%). Blue copper-50 (0.3%), Captan (0.2%) and Brestan-60 (0.1%) were sprayed on Eucalyptus hybrid seedlings. The results indicated that all the fungicides significantly reduced the disease incidence as compared to control. However, Brestan 60 treatment was found to be most effective which exhibited disease index per cent as 57.0 as compared to control with 86.6 per cent disease index.

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