DOI: 10.1002/cplu.202300609 ISSN: 2192-6506

Al2O3‐Stabilized Pt Nanozymes: Peroxidase Mimetics and Application in Glucose Detection

Yawen Ma, Siwen Yi, Chuhan Gao, Man Yang, Dan Feng, Yujing Ren, Huibin Ge
  • General Chemistry


As promising alternatives for natural enzymes, much attention has been paid to nanozymes. And our recent study showed that the medium acid sites on the support are the active sites for the adsorption and oxidation of the substrate. Thus, in this work, due to the abundance of medium acid sites, Al2O3 was chosen as the support to prepare Pt/Al2O3 nanozymes. Through the Pt/Al2O3 samples, we further proved that the distribution of the Pt clusters and the amount of the medium acid sites can significantly influence the peroxidase‐like activity. Then the Pt/Al2O3 sample was used for the detection of glucose. And as low as 0.96 μM glucose could be detected with a linear range from 5–60 μM via our method. This work showed the great potential applications of the easily prepared Pt/Al2O3 samples in varieties of simple, robust, and easy‐to‐make analytical approaches in the future.

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