Mao Yifan, Xu Rui, Li Yuan, Jiang Feiyun

Allicin inhibits the biological activities of cervical cancer cells by suppressing circEIF4G2

  • Food Science

AbstractAllicin is a safe herbal extract believed to have antitumor effects, which, however, remain unclear. The aim of the present work was to discuss Allicin antitumor effects on cervical cancer using cell experiments. Using Hela and Siha to our research objectives in our study, first step, difference concentration of Allicin (20, 40, and 80 μM) treated Hela and Siha cell lines, and next step, discuss circEIF4G2 effects in Allicin antitumor effects in Hela and Siha cell lines; the cell proliferation and EdU‐positive cell number by CCK‐8 and EdU staining; cell apoptosis rate by flow cytometry; invasion cell number by transwell assay; wound healing rate by wound healing assay; and relative mRNA and protein levels using qRT‐PCR and WB assay. With Allicin supplement, the cell proliferation and EdU‐positive cell number were significantly depressed with cell apoptosis rate significantly increasing; invasion cell number and wound healing rate significantly suppressed with circEIF4G2 mRNA expression significantly down‐regulation (p < .05, respectively). However, there was no significant difference among Allicin, si‐circEIF4G2, and Allicin+si‐circEIF4G2 in cell biological activities including cell proliferation, apoptosis, invasion and migration, and relative gene and protein expression. Allicin depresses biological activities of cervical cancer cells through down‐regulating circEIF4G2/HOXA1/AKT/mTOR.

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