DOI: 10.1177/17479541231217077 ISSN: 1747-9541

Aligning online and remote coaching with the digital age: Novel perspectives for an emerging field of research and practice

Blake Bennett, Christoph Szedlak
  • Social Sciences (miscellaneous)

In the context of contemporary coaching, it is necessary to explore approaches that cater to the needs and preferences of modern learners. Given the emergence of online/remote coaching and coach development (ORC/CD) in recent years, this could involve the exploration of frameworks and onto-epistemologies that better ensure alignment with contemporary understandings of learning in the digital era. In the current article, we take the opportunity to explore some of the possible theoretical considerations that can inform future research in this emerging area; and thus support the application of technology-enhanced coaching/learning in sport coaching contexts. First, we philosophically position our arguments within a ‘new culture of learning’ (NCOL) – a framework that is congruent with online learning experiences. From there, we consider Connectivism – as an expression of New Materialism – as a suitable onto-epistemology to guide future research given its recognition of networked ways of being in the twenty-first century. We conclude by suggesting heutagogy (self-determined learning) as an appropriate signature ‘∼gogy’ for ORC/CD environments.