DOI: 10.4213/im9303e ISSN: 1064-5632

Algebraic-geometry approach to construction of semi-Hamiltonian systems of hydrodynamic type

Evgeniy Vladimirovich Glukhov, Oleg Ivanovich Mokhov
  • General Mathematics

In this paper, a class of semi-Hamiltonian diagonal systems of hydrodynamic type is constructed using algebraic-geometric methods. For such systems, hydrodynamic integrals and hydrodynamic symmetries are constructed from algebraic-geometric data. Besides, it is described what algebraic-geometric data distinguish in this class Hamiltonian diagonal systems with Hamiltonian structures defined by flat metrics (local Dubrovin-Novikov brackets) and metrics of constant curvature (nonlocal Mokhov-Ferapontov brackets).

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