DOI: 10.37199/o41002115 ISSN: 2959-4081

Albanian Riviera / urban form and landscape, the core elements for a future metanational landscape

Saimir Kristo

The territorial relationship of the Albanian Riviera regarding its location relates to a platform that isinvesting by tradition in tourism, taking into consideration not only the economic values that tourism canoffer but also a mission to maintain and transmit cultural and heritage values through time, extendingthe social and intellectual outreach of its civilization. This wealth of culture along the areas of the BlueCorridor can emphasized in the Rivieraso as to further develop sustainable tourism as amodel structure of progression. As a South European and Mediterranean country situated on the Adriaticcoast, Albania is an especially important part of South Eastern Europe, serving as an essential transport bridge betweenWestern,Southeastern and Northeastern Europe. Because of its particular geographical position and spread, Albania has a demanding form. It is crucial to understanding the potential of the Albanian Riviera in the national and regional context, as a missing piece of the Blue Corridor of the Adriatic a clear Met National Landscape of immense value.