DOI: 10.1111/jace.19404 ISSN:

Air‐stable, flexible Na3SbS4 thin membrane prepared via a dry‐film strategy

Chengmiao He, Chengwei Gao, Jiahui Zhang, Xu Li, Tianyue Zhou, Shiliang Kang, Linling Tan, Qing Jiao, Changgui Lin
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Ceramics and Composites


All‐solid‐state sodium ion batteries (ASSIBs) attract growing attention as the next generation of batteries due to their high energy density, excellent safety, and the abundance of sodium resources. As a vital component of ASSIBs, chalcogenide Na‐ion solid‐state electrolytes (SSEs) have been widely studied due to their high ionic conductivity and outstanding ductility. However, due to the susceptibility to organic solvents and moisture, no chalcogenide Na‐ion SSEs membrane has been reported while only thick SSEs pellets have been investigated, which introduces abundant “dead” weight and lowers the energy density of ASSIBs. Herein, utilizing the excellent air stability of Na3SbS4, a thin (∼220 μm) Na3SbS4 membrane is prepared in air via a facile dry‐film method with polytetrafluoroethylene fibrillation, which exhibits a high ionic conductivity of 0.19 mS cm and an excellent critical current density of 0.6 mA/cm2. In summary, the chalcogenide Na‐ion SSEs membranes with high ionic conductivity and the simple preparation process could be readily adopted by pragmatic high‐performance ASSIBs.

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