DOI: 10.1126/science.277.5328.965 ISSN:

AIB1, a Steroid Receptor Coactivator Amplified in Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Sarah L. Anzick, Juha Kononen, Robert L. Walker, David O. Azorsa, Minna M. Tanner, Xin-Yuan Guan, Guido Sauter, Olli-P. Kallioniemi, Jeffrey M. Trent, Paul S. Meltzer
  • Multidisciplinary

Members of the recently recognized SRC-1 family of transcriptional coactivators interact with steroid hormone receptors to enhance ligand-dependent transcription. AIB1, a member of the SRC-1 family, was cloned during a search on the long arm of chromosome 20 for genes whose expression and copy number were elevated in human breast cancers. AIB1 amplification and overexpression were observed in four of five estrogen receptor–positive breast and ovarian cancer cell lines. Subsequent evaluation of 105 unselected specimens of primary breast cancer found AIB1 amplification in approximately 10 percent and high expression in 64 percent of the primary tumors analyzed. AIB1 protein interacted with estrogen receptors in a ligand-dependent fashion, and transfection of AIB1 resulted in enhancement of estrogen-dependent transcription. These observations identify AIB1 as a nuclear receptor coactivator whose altered expression may contribute to development of steroid-dependent cancers.

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