DOI: 10.1177/03400352231214963 ISSN: 0340-0352

AI-generated content tools and students’ critical thinking: Insights from a Chinese university

Xiaozhu Zou, Ping Su, Lexing Li, Ping Fu
  • Library and Information Sciences

This study examines the impact of artificial-intelligence-generated content tools on students’ critical thinking skills and their attitudes towards these tools. A survey of 851 students from a Chinese university was conducted to investigate their usage patterns, motivations, perceived benefits and risk awareness, and the importance of critical thinking skills. The study also explores how libraries and librarians can help students develop critical thinking skills. The findings reveal that male and non-binary students utilized artificial intelligence tools more frequently, highlighting a research gap. The study uncovers motivations such as saving time and effort. It also demonstrates students’ awareness of the risks and limitations, emphasizing the need for critical thinking skills in navigating artificial-intelligence-generated content tools. These findings have significant implications for academic libraries, as students expressed a desire for education and training in artificial intelligence literacy and critical thinking. Libraries can provide resources, workshops and guidance to empower students in informed and critical thinking practices.

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