DOI: 10.3390/info15020067 ISSN: 2078-2489

Agroeconomic Indexes and Big Data: Digital Marketing Analytics Implications for Enhanced Decision Making with Artificial Intelligence-Based Modeling

Nikolaos T. Giannakopoulos, Marina C. Terzi, Damianos P. Sakas, Nikos Kanellos, Kanellos S. Toudas, Stavros P. Migkos
  • Information Systems

Agriculture firms face an array of struggles, most of which are financial; thus, the role of decision making is discerned as highly important. The agroeconomic indexes (AEIs) of Agriculture Employment Rate (AER), Chemical Product Price Index (CPPI), Farm Product Price Index (FPPI), and Machinery Equipment Price Index (MEPI) were selected as the basis of this study. This research aims to examine the connection between digital marketing analytics and the selected agroeconomic indexes while providing valuable insights into their decision-making process, with the utilization of AI (artificial intelligence) models. Thus, a dataset of website analytics was collected from five well-established agriculture firms, apart from the values of the referred indexes. By performing regression and correlation analyses, the index relationships with the agriculture firms’ digital marketing analytics were extracted and used for the deployment of the fuzzy cognitive mapping (FCM) and hybrid modeling (HM) processes, assisted by using artificial neural network (ANN) models. Through the above process, there is a strong connection between the agroeconomic indexes of AER, CPPI, FPPR, and MEPI and the metrics of branded traffic, social and search traffic sources, and paid and organic costs of agriculture firms. It is highlighted that agriculture firms, to better understand their sector’s employment rate and the volatility of farming, chemicals, and machine equipment prices for future investment strategies and better decision-making processes, should try to increase their investment in the preferred digital marketing analytics and AI applications.

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