DOI: 10.1177/22779787231209169 ISSN: 2277-9787

Agricultural Marketing in India: Challenges, Policies and Politics

Subhomay Saha, Chaitali Sinha, Shrabani Saha
  • Economics and Econometrics
  • Finance

This article is an attempt to provide a critical review of the present process of agricultural marketing in India in the wake of the recent discontent amongst the farmers that took place with the passing of the three controversial farm laws in September 2020 and giving respite to the agrarian community of the country by repealing of these new laws in November 2021. The old agricultural system of India needs to be changed. The three farm laws that were passed were of the intention to modernize the Indian agricultural market by encouraging investment and increasing competition. However, there was a country-wide protest from the farmers as they were sceptical that these laws would ultimately withdraw or reduce the security net provided by the states and put them in a vulnerable position. The present review takes a deeper dig into the present agricultural marketing situation of India in the context of the new farm laws and tries to critically evaluate the situation.

JEL Classification: Q13 Q15 Q18

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