DOI: 10.3390/nano13162341 ISSN:

Ag/Cr-TiO2 and Pd/Cr-TiO2 for Organic Dyes Elimination and Treatment of Polluted River Water in Presence of Visible Light

Mariana Alejandra Gil, Julie J. Murcia, Mónica Hernández-Laverde, Nicola Morante, Diana Sannino, Vincenzo Vaiano
  • General Materials Science
  • General Chemical Engineering

In this work, photocatalytic materials constituted by Cr-doped TiO2 (Cr-TiO2) decorated with noble metals show high effectiveness in the mineralization of Acid Orange 7 (AO7) and in the disinfection of real river water. The materials were firstly obtained by sol-gel method to get Cr-TiO2 that was subsequently modified by photochemical deposition of Ag or Pd nanoparticles (Ag/Cr-TiO2, Pd/Cr-TiO2). Chemical-physical characterization results evidenced that the noble metals were homogeneously distributed on the Cr-TiO2 surface. By using Pd(0.25%)/Cr-TiO2, the AO7 discoloration efficiency was about 91.4% after only 60 min of visible irradiation, which can be due to the lowest band gap of this material. Moreover, nitrates, chlorides, total hardness, and coliform bacteria content significantly decreased after the treatment of real river water samples (that is contaminated by industrial and domestic effluents) under UV and visible light irradiation in the presence of TiCrOx decorated with noble metals. One hundred percent of elimination rate for E. coli, total coliforms, and other enterobacteriaceae (without regrowth) was achieved by using Ag/Cr-TiO2 as photocatalyst.

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