Yishen Lin, Zifan Huang, Yun Liang, Yunfan Liu, Weipeng Jiang

AG-YOLO: A Rapid Citrus Fruit Detection Algorithm with Global Context Fusion

  • Plant Science
  • Agronomy and Crop Science
  • Food Science

Citrus fruits hold pivotal positions within the agricultural sector. Accurate yield estimation for citrus fruits is crucial in orchard management, especially when facing challenges of fruit occlusion due to dense foliage or overlapping fruits. This study addresses the issues of low detection accuracy and the significant instances of missed detections in citrus fruit detection algorithms, particularly in scenarios of occlusion. It introduces AG-YOLO, an attention-based network designed to fuse contextual information. Leveraging NextViT as its primary architecture, AG-YOLO harnesses its ability to capture holistic contextual information within nearby scenes. Additionally, it introduces a Global Context Fusion Module (GCFM), facilitating the interaction and fusion of local and global features through self-attention mechanisms, significantly improving the model’s occluded target detection capabilities. An independent dataset comprising over 8000 outdoor images was collected for the purpose of evaluating AG-YOLO’s performance. After a meticulous selection process, a subset of 957 images meeting the criteria for occlusion scenarios of citrus fruits was obtained. This dataset includes instances of occlusion, severe occlusion, overlap, and severe overlap, covering a range of complex scenarios. AG-YOLO demonstrated exceptional performance on this dataset, achieving a precision (P) of 90.6%, a mean average precision (mAP)@50 of 83.2%, and an mAP@50:95 of 60.3%. These metrics surpass existing mainstream object detection methods, confirming AG-YOLO’s efficacy. AG-YOLO effectively addresses the challenge of occlusion detection, achieving a speed of 34.22 frames per second (FPS) while maintaining a high level of detection accuracy. This speed of 34.22 FPS showcases a relatively faster performance, particularly evident in handling the complexities posed by occlusion challenges, while maintaining a commendable balance between speed and accuracy. AG-YOLO, compared to existing models, demonstrates advantages in high localization accuracy, minimal missed detection rates, and swift detection speed, particularly evident in effectively addressing the challenges posed by severe occlusions in object detection. This highlights its role as an efficient and reliable solution for handling severe occlusions in the field of object detection.

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