DOI: 10.17798/bitlisfen.1348351 ISSN: 2147-3129

Aerogel Production and Determination of Its Thermophysical and Characteristic Properties

Mehmet Zerrakki IŞIK, Hasan OKTAY, Mehmet KAYIR, Hasan SAYĞILI
  • General Medicine
Porous materials are at the forefront of research in terms of providing superior insulation properties and energy efficiency. The most important point that makes porous materials different and unique is the space inside the pore. Aerogel has become the insulation material that stands out as the most interesting alternative in this context. In this study, the production of aerogel insulation materials with high insulation properties, suitable mechanical properties and different contents was aimed. Silica aerogels are synthesized using the sol-gel technique with Hydrolysis, Condensation, Aging, Solvent change and Surface modification, Drying main steps in general. According to the results obtained, it was determined that the densities of the aerogels produced were in the range of 0.66 to 1.053 g/ml and the thermal conductivity values were in the range of 0.067 to 0.097 W/mK. The results show that many opportunities are available to improve the insulation property of aerogel, which is considered an important insulation material of the future.

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