DOI: 10.3390/f15030515 ISSN: 1999-4907

Advances in Plant–Soil Feedback Driven by Root Exudates in Forest Ecosystems

Wenxue Sun, Qianqian Li, Bin Qiao, Kaitao Jia, Chunying Li, Chunjian Zhao
  • Forestry

Plant–soil feedback (PSF) was initially developed in the field of agricultural practices. In recent years, PSF has been extended to various ecosystems. Root exudates, essential for the exchange of materials, energy, and information at the plant–soil interface, significantly influence PSF. However, how PSF is driven by root secretions and the role of these secretions in different PSF pathways still needs to be further explored, particularly in forest ecosystems. Soil nutrients, microbial communities, and nematodes are important research topics in the process of PSF driven by root exudates. Investigating these aspects driven by root exudates provides valuable insights into the complex interactions both above ground and below the surface. This research can offer theoretical support and guidance for building stable, healthy, and sustainable forest ecosystems in the future.

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