DOI: 10.34172/jnp.2023.21480 ISSN:

Advances in IgA nephropathy management, from pathological insights to personalized treatment

Mitra Shavakhi, Agha Wajdan Baqir
  • Nephrology

IgA nephropathy is a common glomerulonephritis with variable clinical outcomes. The optimal treatment for this condition remains uncertain, and corticosteroid therapy is reserved for patients unresponsive to supportive treatment. The histopathologic examination has a significant role in the diagnosis and prognosis of IgA nephropathy, but its role in the initiation of corticosteroid therapy is still under debate. Recently, targeted release formulation (TRF)-budesonide has emerged as a promising treatment due to its localized delivery to the gut and low systemic adverse effects. This brief review aims to assess recent advancements in IgA nephropathy management, focusing on applying Oxford classification in guiding corticosteroid therapy.

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