DOI: 10.48175/ijarsct-11908 ISSN:

Advancements in Welding Techniques: A Comprehensive Review

Donald C. Salvador
  • General Medicine

This study offers a comprehensive review of advancements in welding techniques and their impact on modern manufacturing. From historical evolution to emerging technologies like laser welding and friction stir welding, the study examines recent research, studies, and patents. Categorized advancements (process-related: 45%, equipment-related: 30%, material-related: 25%) collectively enhance welding quality, efficiency, and safety. Comparative analyses reveal reductions in welding time (20%) and heat-affected zones (15%), improved automation efficiency (25%), and enhanced joint strength (10%). Adoption trends show increasing use of laser welding (35%) in aerospace and friction stir welding (40%) in shipbuilding. Challenges include the lack of standardized guidelines (15% delay) and initial investment costs (10% slower adoption). Overall, this study underscores the transformative potential of advanced welding techniques, highlighting the need for sustained collaboration and innovation in modern manufacturing.

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