DOI: 10.3390/jcm13010142 ISSN: 2077-0383

Advancements in Methods of Classification and Measurement Used to Assess Tooth Mobility: A Narrative Review

Gi Youn Kim, Sunjai Kim, Jae-Seung Chang, Se-Wook Pyo
  • General Medicine

Evaluating tooth mobility is clinically significant, not only for diagnosing periodontal tissues but also in determining the overall periodontal treatment plan. Numerous studies related to tooth mobility have been conducted over the years, including the proposal of various classifications as well as the development of electronic devices for objective measurement. However, there is still no consensus on the measurement methods and criteria for assessing tooth mobility. In this study, we provide a comprehensive review of past and current tooth mobility classification and measurement methods. In order to propose a new method to intuitively evaluate tooth mobility based on previous studies, a digital approach capable of recording tooth micromovements induced by dynamic load should be considered.

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