DOI: 10.3390/ma16175802 ISSN:

Advanced Injection Molding Methods: Review

Mateusz Czepiel, Magdalena Bańkosz, Agnieszka Sobczak-Kupiec
  • General Materials Science

Injection molding is a method commonly used to manufacture plastic products. This technology makes it possible to obtain products of specially designed shape and size. In addition, the developed mold allows for repeated and repeatable production of selected plastic parts. Over the years, this technology grew in importance, and nowadays, products produced by injection molding are used in almost every field of industry. This paper is a review and provides information on recent research reports in the field of modern injection molding techniques. Selected plastics most commonly processed by this technique are discussed. Next, the chosen types of this technique are presented, along with a discussion of the parameters that affect performance and process flow. Depending on the proposed method, the influence of various factors on the quality and yield of the obtained products was analyzed. Nowadays, the link between these two properties is extremely important. The work presented in the article refers to research aimed at modifying injection molding methods enabling high product quality with high productivity at the same time. An important role is also played by lowering production costs and reducing the negative impact on the environment. The review discusses modern injection molding technologies, the development of which is constantly progressing. Finally, the impact of the technology on the ecological environment is discussed and the perspectives of the process were presented.

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