Quang V. Vu, Thanh V. Le, Hieu T. Le, Anh H N. Nguyen, Duy T. Nguyen

Adult-to-Adult right lobe graft living donor liver transplantation for acute-on-chronic liver failure: a single-center retrospective study in Vietnam

  • General Medicine
  • Surgery

Introduction: Acute-on-chronic liver failure (ACLF) has a high mortality rate, and liver transplantation is considered a definite treatment for patients with this condition. This study aims to evaluate the outcomes of living donor liver transplantation (LDLT) in ACLF patients in a single center in a lower middle-income country, Vietnam. Materials and Methods: This was a retrospective study at the 108 Military Central Hospital (Hanoi, Vietnam), enrolling 51 patients diagnosed with ACLF based on APASL (Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver) criteria who underwent LDLT with a right lobe graft from December 2019 to December 2022. We utilize the MELD (Model for End-Stage Liver Disease) and AARC (APASL ACLF Research Consortium) scores to evaluate and stratify the severity of ACLF. Results: The average age of all patients was 47.27±13.61, with 88.24% being male. The average BMI was 22.78±2.61. The most common underlying liver disease was chronic viral hepatitis B (88.2%). The average MELD score of the patients was 34.90±5.61, with 33.3% having MELD score≥40. In terms of ACLF severity, five patients (9.8%) had grade I ACLF, 35 patients (68.6%) had grade II ACLF, and 11 patients (21.6%) had grade III ACLF. The average AARC score was 9.43±1.68. The duration of treatment in the ICU was 8.59±7.27 days, and the length of hospital stay was 28.02±13.45 days. The most common post-transplant complication was biliary complication (19.61%). Death occurred in 7 patients (13.7%). The survival rates at six months, one year, and three years were 84%, 81.7%, and 81.7%, respectively. Conclusion: Living donor liver transplantation for ACLF patients is safe and has a high post-transplant survival rate. Multidisciplinary care before, during, and after surgery, and the decision to do a liver transplant early, is essential in saving the lives of ACLF patients.

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