DOI: 10.60118/001c.17084 ISSN:

“Adopting In-Office Needle Arthroscopy without Wrecking Your Office Flow”

Sean McMillan

In-office needle arthroscopy has seen a rebirth of interest in the past several years amongst orthopedic surgeons. While the idea of in-office intra-articular evaluation spans almost 30 years, recent advances in optics, platform portability, and disposable instrumentation has allowed for a surge of interest. While the benefits of direct visualization of intra-articular pathology, time and cost savings, and allure to patients are all attractive; introducing needle arthroscopy into a busy clinic setting without disturbing work-flow can be challenging. The purpose of this editorial is to share real life learned knowledge from my own clinical experience to help safely and effectively integrate needle arthroscopy into your practice without destroying in-office work-flow.

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