DOI: 10.3390/wevj14090235 ISSN:

Admittance Criterion of Medium-Voltage DC Distribution Power System and Corresponding Small Signal Stability Analysis

Jinggang Yang, Jianhua Wang, Xiaokuan Jin, Shuo Li, Xiaolong Xiao, Zaijun Wu
  • Automotive Engineering

Aiming at the stability of a medium-voltage DC network based on a modular multilevel converter (MMC), this paper proposes an admittance stability criterion considering the influence of current-limiting inductors at the medium voltage side, which prevents the complex products and matrix calculations of traditional criteria. The DC admittance model DC transformers (DCTs) under different working modes are then established based on Thevenin/Norton equivalent circuit methods to analyze the stability of the DC system based on the proposed admittance stability criterion, which proves that the voltage resonance problem at the medium voltage side can be improved by adding active damping control strategies on DCTs also proves the effectiveness of the proposed stability criterion. The time-domain simulation and the hardware-in-loop simulation are then built in PLECS and RT Box to further verify the correctness of the system stability analysis and the effectiveness of the proposed admittance criterion, which provides a theoretical basis and technical reserve for the stable operation of the DC distribution power system.

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