DOI: 10.1111/jopr.13750 ISSN:

Additively manufactured devices with varying designs and sizes for acquiring initial intraoral implant scans

Sergi Guirao, Ferran Llansana, Heather Button, Burak Yilmaz, John C. Kois, Marta Revilla‐León
  • General Dentistry


Dental literature has reported greater intraoral scanning accuracy when implant scan bodies (ISBs) are connected when compared with non‐connected methods. Initial intraoral digital implant scans are required for the fabrication of a custom framework to connect implant scan bodies (IOSFix; IOSFix Dental). This calibrated metal framework is used to acquire definitive intraoral implant scans. However, the acquisition of initial intraoral implant scans can be challenging when ISBs are not connected. This article describes a step‐by‐step technique for connecting ISBs by using additively manufactured devices to acquire initial intraoral implant scans. This technique aims to facilitate the recording of initial intraoral implant scans, provide different device designs and sizes to connect ISBs, and reduce chairside time.

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