DOI: 10.4071/001c.94698 ISSN: 2380-4505

Additive Metallization of Alumina with Copper-Titanium Powder Blends for Power Electronic Applications

Christoph Hecht, Eric Schadow, Mario Sprenger, Felix Haeussler, Thomas Stoll, Joerg Franke
  • General Medicine

Additive manufacturing shows great potential to further increase the performance of power electronic modules through novel packaging concepts. Such an approach is the integrated manufacturing of metal-ceramic substrates by means of laser powder bed fusion of metals (PBF-LB/M). With this layered additive manufacturing process, planar ceramic substrates can be metallized and electrically functionalized for power electronic applications. In this paper Al2O3 ceramic substrates are metallized via PBF-LB/M by selectively melting applied powder layers with software defined geometries. The investigated powders are mixtures of copper and titanium powders with 1 wt.%, 5 wt.% and 10 wt.% titanium in order to enable bonding by creating a titanium-oxide reaction layer at the interface to the ceramic. Shear tests and microstructural investigations show that a subsequent heat treatment increases the adhesion and density of the metallization. By energy dispersive X-ray microscopy (EDX) the partial formation of reaction layers is detected.

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