DOI: 10.1049/cth2.12530 ISSN:

Adaptive event‐triggered dynamic output feedback control for networked control systems under hybrid attacks

Xia Liu, Xiaoyu Zhou, Biao Xiang
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Control and Optimization
  • Computer Science Applications
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Control and Systems Engineering


This paper concentrates on network congestion and security issue for networked control systems under the hybrid attacks. The hybrid attacks including deception attack, replay attack and denial‐of‐service attack are modelled as Bernoulli random process. A general form adaptive event‐triggered scheme (AETS) under the hybrid attacks is designed to alleviate the network congestion and save communication resources utilizing adaptive threshold and the weighted average of data packets. Meanwhile, the security issue under the hybrid attacks is addressed by a dynamic output feedback controller (DOFC) based on the AETS. Moreover, the sufficient conditions are obtained by a piecewise Lyapunov function to guarantee that the closed‐loop system is exponentially mean‐square stable. A practical experiment on networked motor control system verifies the effectiveness of the proposed scheme. The proposed scheme can not only save communication resources to further alleviate network congestion, but also defense the hybrid attacks in the network.

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