DOI: 10.12737/2587-9111-2023-11-4-30-34 ISSN:

Adaptive design of financial systems: organizational and structural principles of construction

Petr Levchaev
  • General Medicine

In conditions of increasing complexity of integration ties and the need for systematic consideration of phenomena and problems of various levels, the importance of an integrated approach to research problems of financial management and the implementation of strategies for the development of economic entities that cause possible synergetic changes in the future increases. When designing and developing any types of systems, it is necessary to take into account not only the general methodological foundations of their construction and development in dynamics, but also strive for long-term successful functioning in order to achieve the set strategic development guidelines. The article examines the problems of adaptive construction of financial systems from the point of view of organizational and structural principles of their development in the context of the implementation of a systematic approach.

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