DOI: 10.54141/psbd.1346228 ISSN: 1309-0356

Adaptation of Sports Involvement Scale to Turkish Culture: A Validity and Reliability Study

  • Physical Therapy, Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
  • Education
The Psychological Continuum Model (PSM) represents a gradual change of attitude formation and change that explains the social-psychological processes that determine an individual's psychological relationship with an object, subject or activity. The continuum in the model is divided into four stages (Awareness, Attraction, Attachment, and Allegiance), which represent the formation of attitudes and involvement levels in increasingly stronger degrees towards the sport object (Funk & James, 2001). The first aim of the research is to adapt the Sports Involvement staging tool/scale developed for sports spectators by Doyle, Kunkel and Funk (2013) based on the study of Beaton et al. (2009) within the scope of PSM for Turkish culture. The second aim of the research is to examine the resistance to change levels of sports spectators regarding their involvement profiles. A total of 239 (X̄age=37.00±14.46) football spectators aged between 18-70 participated in the study [56 female (X̄age=31.79±13.29) and 183 male (X̄age=38.59±14.47)]. CFA was performed for adapting the scale. The findings of the CFA revealed that the Sports Involvement Scale represented its structural validity and psychometric properties as in the original scale (Chi-square/sd=2.43, p

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