DOI: 10.1027/2698-1866/a000060 ISSN: 2698-1866

Adaptation and Validation of the German Reading Comprehension Test ELFE II for Spanish

Ariel Cuadro, César Daniel Costa-Ball, Alexa von Hagen, Gonzalo Silvera, Ricardo Rosas, José-Pablo Escobar, Wolfgang Lenhard
  • Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

Abstract: The objective of this study is to present the process of adaptation and validation of the German reading comprehension test ELFE II ( Lenhard et al., 2017 ) for Spanish. Both languages exhibit comparable orthographic depth but differ in their word material due to their different origins (Romanic vs. Germanic language roots). We reconstructed the test based on the original structure and construction principles and aligned syllable structure, frequency, and word length. Convergent validity, item analysis, dimensionality, and reliability studies provide evidence to support a unidimensional structure for each scale subtest, which in turn is in accordance with theoretical frameworks.

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