DOI: 10.12737/2305-7807-2023-12-3-18-23 ISSN:


YEkatyerina Gurova
  • General Medicine

In the conditions of the modern world, where new technologies are constantly appearing, new fi rms, organizations, companies are opening, more and more individual entrepreneurs are appearing, or existing business projects are simply expanding, the need for constant hiring of personnel is only increasing. The appearance of new employees in the organization, as a rule, slows down the activities of the organization, since each newly arrived employee comes with his own unique experience from other places of work or positions, someone comes fi rst (without work experience at all), everyone has their own views on professional activities and personal values, and not necessarily these views will coincide with the views of the organization as a whole and the team in particular. The adaptation of personnel in an organization is an important link in human resource management. In the end, when a person becomes an employee of an organization, he faces a number of diff erent organizational problems that cannot be solved without the help of colleagues and management. The beginner must accept and adapt to the new professional and socio-psychological conditions of work. Managing the adaptation of new employees in a team is an important link in the personnel management chain. Creation of an eff ective employee adaptation mechanism allows to reduce initial costs, reduce staff turnover, form a loyal attitude of an employee from the fi rst days of his work in the company, which creates incentives and a desire to work in the organization.

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