Yi-Fan Qin, Xiang Fu, Xiao-Kun Li, Hao-Jie Li

ADAMS Simulation and HHT Feature Extraction Method for Bearing Faults of Coal Shearer

  • Process Chemistry and Technology
  • Chemical Engineering (miscellaneous)
  • Bioengineering

Aiming at the problem of difficult fault diagnosis work caused by the difficulty of data acquisition of the bearing in the traction part of a coal mining machine, a method of ADAMS simulation and HHT feature extraction of the bearing fault of a coal mining machine is proposed. First of all, take the traction section bearing as the research object, use the virtual prototype in the establishment of the healthy state of coal mining machine traction section model based on the establishment of the bearing inner ring fault, rolling body fault, outer ring fault of the coal mining machine traction section dynamics model, and then after the EMD decomposition, each IMF component of the Hilbert transform, to obtain the signal in the time-frequency plane of the time-frequency joint characteristics, to get the HHT marginal spectra and to different Under different working conditions, the bearing vibration signal features are mined by quantitative feature extraction. Finally, a variety of mainstream machine learning algorithms are introduced to classify the features, and the results show that the feature extraction method in this paper is universal and provides valuable theoretical support and technical guidance for the field application of coal mining machine-bearing fault diagnosis.

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