DOI: 10.1177/1045389x231198789 ISSN: 1045-389X

Active vibration hybrid control strategy based on multi-DOFs piezoelectric platform

Huayan Pu, Shibo Fu, Min Wang, Xuan Fang, Yi Cai, Jiheng Ding, Yi Sun, Yan Peng, Shaorong Xie, Jun Luo
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • General Materials Science

With the increasing requirements for vibration isolation in multiple degrees of freedom (multi-DOFs), active control strategy is becoming more meaningful. However, the vibration isolation performance is limited by the time delay of feedback control, and cannot meet higher requirements. Therefore, this paper proposes a multi-DOFs active vibration hybrid control (AVHC) strategy based on a piezoelectric platform. The AVHC integrates the adaptive feedforward control based on the modified recursive least squares (MRLS) algorithm, and the feedback control based on the integral force feedback (IFF) algorithm. To achieve advanced response, the ground-based vibration signal is offset by the MRLS algorithm. To further reduce the coupling of multi-DOFs, the feedback and feedforward coordinates are fused through the matrix transformation, and the signals are linearly superimposed by the AVHC. The experimental results show that the AVHC can further reduce the resonance peaks of the three translational directions ( X/ Y/ Z) compared with the feedback (FB) control. The resonance peaks are reduced from 14.6 dB (FB) to 3.11 dB (AVHC), from 14.56 dB (FB) to 5.14 dB (AVHC), and from 12.44 dB (FB) to 3.78 dB (AVHC) in X/ Y/ Z directions, respectively. The attenuation rates are improved by 73.36%, 66.19%, and 63.10% in X/ Y/ Z directions, respectively.

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