DOI: 10.1002/anie.202401364 ISSN: 1433-7851

Activating Interfacial Electron Redistribution in Lattice‐matched Biphasic Ni3N‐Co3N for Energy‐efficient Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Production via Coupled Hydrazine Degradation

Xiaoli Wang, Huashuai Hu, Xiaohui Yan, Zhaorui Zhang, Minghui Yang
  • General Chemistry
  • Catalysis

The development of high‐purity and high‐energy‐density green hydrogen through water electrolysis holds immense promise, but issues such as electrocatalyst costs and power consumption have hampered its practical application. In this study, we present a promising solution to these challenges through the use of a high‐performance bifunctional electrocatalyst for energy‐efficient hydrogen production via coupled hydrazine degradation. The biphasic metal nitrides with highly lattice‐matched structures are deliberately constructed, forming an enhanced local electric field between the electron‐rich Ni3N and electron‐deficient Co3N. Additionally, Mn is introduced as an electric field engine to further activate electron redistribution. Our Mn@Ni3N‐Co3N/NF bifunctional electrocatalyst achieves industrial‐grade current densities of 500 mA cm‐2 at 0.49 V without degradation, saving at least 53.3% energy consumption compared to conventional alkaline water electrolysis. This work will stimulate the further development of metal nitride electrocatalysts and also provide new perspectives on low‐cost hydrogen production and environmental protection.

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