DOI: 10.1093/nsr/nwad321 ISSN: 2095-5138

Accurate fundamental invariant-neural network representation of ab initio potential energy surfaces

Bina Fu, Dong H Zhang
  • Multidisciplinary


Highly accurate potential energy surfaces are critically important for chemical reaction dynamics. The large number of degrees of freedom and the intricate symmetry adaption pose a big challenge to accurately representing potential energy surfaces (PESs) for polyatomic reactions. Recently, our group has made substantial progress in this direction by developing the fundamental invariant-neural network (FI-NN) approach. Here, we review these advances, demonstrating that the FI-NN approach can represent highly accurate, global, full-dimensional PESs for reactive systems with even more than 10 atoms. These multi-channel reactions typically involve many intermediates, transition states, and products. The complexity and ruggedness of this potential energy landscape present even greater challenges for full-dimensional PES representation. These PESs exhibit a high level of complexity, molecular size, and accuracy of fit. Dynamics simulations based on these PESs have unveiled intriguing and novel reaction mechanisms, providing deep insights into the intricate dynamics in combustion, atmospheric, and organic chemistry.

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