DOI: 10.25259/sni_822_2023 ISSN: 2152-7806

Accessory head of flexor carpi radialis and abnormal course of the median nerve in the forearm

Vaishnavi Sribhasyam, Shilpa Maddikunta, Barbara Hanna, Amgad Hanna
  • Neurology (clinical)
  • Surgery


The median nerve anatomy and its clinical presentation are crucial for surgeons to consider avoiding iatrogenic injury and performing effective surgical interventions.

Case Description:

An atypical presentation of median nerve anatomy proximal to the carpal tunnel was found during cadaveric dissection. The median nerve was located deep to a uniquely double-headed flexor carpi radialis and curved medially around the tendons of the forearm to enter the carpal tunnel superficially.


The atypical presentation of median nerve anatomy can assist surgeons in adverse event reduction during surgeries such as carpal tunnel and pronator teres syndrome releases.

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