DOI: 10.54207/bsmps1000-2005-5z34t9 ISSN:

Abundance of collembolans and Mites in Albizia amara based Silvopasture in Bundelkhand

Sharmila Roy, A. Srivastav, M. Roy
Population build up of soil inhabiting collembolans and mites in Albizia amara based silvopastures was studied. Temporal distribution pattern showed peaks of population build up during August. Lower population build up was observed during March-June. The mites constituted about 82 per cent of the total population, the major group being cryptostigmata (61%) followed by prostigmata (13%) and mesostigmata (8%). A significant negative correlation existed between air temperature and population of cryptostigmata and prostigmata. The various groups of mite and the collembolan population were positively correlated with soil moisture.

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