DOI: 10.1161/str.55.suppl_1.wp15 ISSN: 0039-2499

Abstract WP15: Early Neurological Improvement in Ischemic Stroke and Risk of Cardiac Complications

Lamya Ibrahim*, Ankita Brahmaroutu*, Jenna Miller, Sonya Zhou, Scott E Kasner, Michela Rosso
  • Advanced and Specialized Nursing
  • Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Neurology (clinical)

Introduction: Cardiac complications are seen in 15-20% of acute ischemic strokes (AIS). We hypothesized that early neurologic improvement (ENI) with or without revascularization would be associated with lower risk of cardiac complications after AIS.

Methods: We retrospectively screened consecutive AIS patients for elevated initial cardiac troponin (cTn) and ≥1 additional cTn within 48h. Minor strokes (NIHSS≤3) or comorbidities impacting cTn were excluded from primary analysis. ENI was defined as ≥4 pt improvement in NIHSS or 24h NIHSS≤ 1. Post-stroke acute myocardial injury (PSAMI) refers to dynamic cTn pattern (rise/fall>20% in serial cTn levels) in the absence of acute atherosclerotic coronary disease or cardiac death. Secondary analysis assessed full range of NIHSS at baseline and at 24h in relation to cardiac outcomes.

Results: Of 2,609 patients screened, 165 (ENI=62, no-ENI=103) were included in our primary analysis. (Fig.1). In patients with ENI, a dynamic cTn pattern and PSAMI were present in 55% (n=34) and 34% (n=21) respectively, compared to 45% (n=46) and 24% (n=25) in the no-ENI group ( P =0.20 and P =0.18). Adjusted regression analysis did not show any statistical association of cardiac outcomes with ENI. Secondary analysis including NIHSS≤3, was associated with a 4-fold greater risk of PSAMI in NIHSS >15 at 24h (Fig.1). Analysis of patients intervened with MT or tPA (n=77) also showed no statistical association between ENI and PSAMI (Fig 1.)

Conclusion: SENI was not associated with a lower risk of cardiac complications after AIS. NIHSS at 24 hours was a strong predictor of PSAMI. Larger studies should investigate if revascularization decreases risk of PSAMI.

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