DOI: 10.1161/circ.148.suppl_1.13229 ISSN: 0009-7322

Abstract 13229: Coiled-Coil Domain-Containing Protein 80 Protects Against Aortic Dissection by Maintaining the Contractile Smooth Muscle Cell Phenotype

Linghong Shen, Qingqing Xiao, Xiaoxiao Yang, Bin Cai, Yi Li, Xiying Huang, Ke Xu, Weifeng Zhang, Xiaolei Wang, Xia Wang
  • Physiology (medical)
  • Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine

Background: Aortic dissection (AD) is a life-threatening medical emergency characterized by adverse vascular remodeling. Effective prevention and treatment options are lacking for AD. Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 80 (CCDC80) plays an essential role in regulating vascular remodeling. In the present study, we aimed to define the role of CCDC80 in the formation and development of AD.

Methods: The expression and subcellular localization of CCDC80 were determined in human and mouse AD. CCDC80 knockout mice (CCDC80 –/– ) and vascular smooth muscle cell (VSMC)-specific CCDC80 knockout mice (CCDC80 fl/fl SM22α Cre + ) were treated with angiotensin II (Ang II) or Ang II combined with β-aminopropionitrile monofumarate (BAPN) to induce AD models. RNA-Seq analysis combined with immunoprecipitation and blockage of the JAK2/STAT3 signaling pathway in CCDC80 –/– mice were used to evaluate the effect of CCDC80 deficiency on this pathway.

Results: CCDC80 was downregulated in VSMCs in human and mouse AD. CCDC80 / mice challenged with Ang II and BAPN developed AD with higher frequency and severity compared with their littermate controls (66.7% vs. 100%, p < 0.05). Remarkably, compared with littermate controls treated with Ang II, CCDC80 –/– mice (8.3% vs. 87.5%, p < 0.05) and CCDC80 fl/fl SM22α Cre + mice (12.5% vs. 80%, p < 0.05) frequently developed AD with severe elastin fragmentation and collagen deposition. CCDC80 interacted with JAK2; CCDC80 deficiency could promote VSMC phenotype switching, proliferation, and migration as well as matrix metalloproteinase production by activating the JAK2/STAT3 signaling pathway. The JAK2/STAT3 pathway-specific inhibitor ameliorated adverse vascular remodeling and reduced AD formation (90% vs. 55%, p < 0.05) in CCDC80 knockout mice.

Conclusion: CCDC80 deficiency exacerbates the progression of AD by activating the JAK2/STAT3 pathway involved in regulating the phenotype switching and function of VSMCs. Our findings suggest that CCDC80 is a potential target for the prevention and treatment of AD.

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