Xingguo Yang, Ya Zhang, Xujun Li

Abnormal noise identification of engines based on wavelet packet transform and bispectrum analysis

  • Mechanical Engineering

Abnormal noise is the most prominent problem for motorcycles and affects the consumers’ purchasing desire and driving experience and the enterprise’s competitiveness. Usually, the noise from a newly assembled engine is detected by manual auscultation (MA) to determine if the engine is operating normally. However, MA is also affected by subjective and objective factors with severe labor intensity, and its accuracy greatly fluctuates. Importantly, MA cannot be applied in a corporation with mass production and high-quality requirements. To improve the efficiency and accuracy of motorcycle engine quality inspection and achieve intelligent production, an online engine abnormal noise detection method was proposed based on wavelet packet transform (WPT) and bispectrum analysis (BA); this method improved the accuracy and stability of the identification of the abnormal noise engine and reduced the cost of the check. First, the acoustic signal of the engine of the motorcycle was acquired by using a free-field microphone. Second, the background noise of signals was eliminated by using the wavelet correlation coefficient (WCC) theory, and the signal features were extracted by applying WPT and BA. Third, the feature vectors were normalized before being used as support vector machine (SVM) samples. Fourth, an appropriate kernel function and parameters were selected to train the vector machine using the training sets. Finally, the testing sets were used to inspect the accuracy of the vector machines. The result showed that the training accuracy is 95% and the testing accuracy is 97.5 of the samples were suitable by using the method of wavelet packet transform-bispectrum analysis-support vector machines (WPT-BA-SVM). WPT-BA-SVM effectively identified engine fault types and provided the theoretical foundation for the establishment of an engine abnormal noise online detection system.

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