DOI: 10.3390/electronics12173689 ISSN:

ABLA: Application-Based Load-Balanced Approach for Adaptive Mapping of Datacenter Networks

Ahmad Nahar Quttoum, Ayoub Alsarhan, Abidalrahman Moh’d, Osama Alshareet, Suhieb Nawaf, Fawaz Khasawneh, Mohammad Aljaidi, Mohammed Alshammari, Anjali Awasthi
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Computer Networks and Communications
  • Hardware and Architecture
  • Signal Processing
  • Control and Systems Engineering

Cloud-based services are growing more rapidly than ever, and so does the management challenge on their providers’ side. Cloud-based datacenter networks are built with nodes of huge processing power, connected by high bandwidth capacities to carry their interior traffic requirements. However, such cloud networks still have limits that are imposed not necessarily by their physical components, but by the schemes of resource management being deployed. Traditionally, for an institute to provide services, it needs to have its own datacenter facility that interconnects its servers through a topology that matches its desired administrative policies and scaling objectives. With the theme of cloud-based IaaS, such datacenter topologies can be created virtually over the cloud. Nowadays, a significant part of those institutes who provide us with our daily services have their infrastructures hosted over cloud ones. Therefore, resources of such cloud networks need to be efficiently utilized, in order to keep their performance and hosting prices competitive. A typical datacenter network mainly consists of server nodes and network links. Besides the resources of the server nodes, the network bandwidth resources are considered a crucial key determinant for the whole datacenter performance. Indeed, a server without sufficient bandwidth capacities is almost useless. Proposals in the literature present schemes for resource utilization on either side of the problem at a time: the nodes or the links. Working in isolation can never deliver efficient mapping solutions. ABLA is an Application-Based, and Load balancing Approach for adaptive mapping proposal. ABLA’s methodology tackles both sides of the datacenter, the nodes and links. It starts by (1) breaking down the node’s resource requirement for the requested applications to be hosted over the virtual server machines besides (2) reading the topological connectivity and bandwidth requirements for each virtual node to all other nodes in the virtual datacenter topology. Compared to other models in the literature, the simulation results show that our proposed ABLA model provides for complete mapping services via load-balanced hosting networks. This allows for competitive hosting prices, with higher performance and service satisfaction rates.

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