DOI: 10.1002/cjas.1741 ISSN: 0825-0383

Abandonment issues: A hazard analysis of high‐performance work practices

Scott B. Rankin
  • Management of Technology and Innovation
  • Marketing
  • Public Administration
  • Business and International Management


This study examines usage of high‐performance work practices (HPWPs) over time using a unique longitudinal survey of Canadian organizations. Human resource management (HRM) studies tell us HPWPs require long‐term commitment but rarely measure it. Using event history analysis this study finds high rates of HPWP abandonment. The study also examines organizational supports for high‐performance work system (HPWS). A Cox regression analysis finds rates of abandonment are reduced when HPWPs are accompanied by aligned business strategies and HR professional support. The results inform process research on HRM strategies and raise troubling questions for findings in studies that fail to measure duration. For managers, the findings highlight the importance of ensuring strategic alignment with and organizational support for HPWPs if they are to endure.

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