DOI: 10.33483/jfpau.1329821 ISSN:


Gizem TIRIS, Nevin ERK
  • Pharmaceutical Science
  • Pharmacology
Objective: The simultaneous determination of abacavir (ABV), lamivudine (LMV) and zidovudine (ZDV) were applied by dual amplitude difference method coupled with ratio difference spectrophotometric methods. Material and Method: The LMV was quantified by selected the 226.0 nm and 235.0 nm in the dual amplitude difference method. For ratio difference method 297.0 nm and 268.0 nm wavelengths and 266.0 nm, 245 nm wavelengths were chosen to quantify respectively ABV and ZDV. Accuracy studies have been carried out with percent recovery. Result and Discussion: The proposed study, three active substances used in Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) treatment were quantified. These active ingredients are used in combination to provide effective treatment. With the applied methods, firstly LMV was determined by dual amplitut difference method, then ABV and ZDV were determined by ratio difference. The three active ingredients were studied in the concentration range of 3-21 µg/ml. Correlation coefficients were found to be between 0.9985 and 0.9996. Recovery results range from 95.2 to 106.2. In the method, it was only dissolved in the solvent and measured, and the analysis was carried out without pre-preparation and expensive equipment.

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