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A worldwide bibliometric analysis of the research trends and hotspots of bruxism in adults during 1991–2021

Jiawei Zhong, Xinlin Gao, Shoushan Hu, Yuan Yue, Yang Liu, Xin Xiong
  • General Dentistry


Background and Objectives

With the increasing attention to bruxism, the research on bruxism is increasing rapidly. However, there is still a lack of systematic bibliometric analysis in the field of bruxism in adults. This study aimed to comprehensively explore and visualize the global trends and research hotspots in the field of bruxism in adults during 1991–2021.


The study searched the literature published during 1991–2021 in the Web of Science Core Collection database without language restrictions. VOSviewer, CiteSpace and Microsoft Excel were applied to analyse the authors, institutions, journals, countries, cited references, keywords and other information of the included publications, and construct visualized cooperation networks.


A total of 878 articles were finally included. The top two most productive authors in the past 30 years were Lobbezoo F and Manfredini D. ACTA‐Amsterdam, Univ Sao Paulo, Univ Helsinki, Univ Padua, Univ Montreal, et al. were prominent institutions in this field. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation made outstanding contributions in this field. The United States produced the most documents in this field, followed by Brazil. Both countries and authors cooperated closely around the world. The two most cited articles focused on the definition, assessment and classification of bruxism. In recent years, diagnostic criteria and stress have begun to receive a lot of attention.


From 1991 to 2021, the attention to bruxism in adults continued to increase. Diagnostic criteria and stress may be potential research hotspots in this field. This study references relevant scholars on development trends and research hotspots.

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