DOI: 10.1126/science.aaf8060 ISSN:

A vacuum flash–assisted solution process for high-efficiency large-area perovskite solar cells

Xiong Li, Dongqin Bi, Chenyi Yi, Jean-David Décoppet, Jingshan Luo, Shaik Mohammed Zakeeruddin, Anders Hagfeldt, Michael Grätzel
  • Multidisciplinary

Metal halide perovskite solar cells (PSCs) currently attract enormous research interest because of their high solar-to-electric power conversion efficiency (PCE) and low fabrication costs, but their practical development is hampered by difficulties in achieving high performance with large-size devices. We devised a simple vacuum flash–assisted solution processing method to obtain shiny, smooth, crystalline perovskite films of high electronic quality over large areas. This enabled us to fabricate solar cells with an aperture area exceeding 1 square centimeter, a maximum efficiency of 20.5%, and a certified PCE of 19.6%. By contrast, the best certified PCE to date is 15.6% for PSCs of similar size. We demonstrate that the reproducibility of the method is excellent and that the cells show virtually no hysteresis. Our approach enables the realization of highly efficient large-area PSCs for practical deployment.

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