DOI: 10.3390/ma16175787 ISSN:

A Tunable Frequency Selective Rasorber with Broad Passband and Low Transmission Loss at X-Band

Shengnan Shi, Zizhao Chai, Shan Zhang, Yanpeng Shi, Yifei Zhang
  • General Materials Science

In this paper, we propose a dual-mode frequency selective rasorber (FSR) with tunable transmission and absorption windows at the X-band, which shows a broad passband in each transmission window. The proposed tunable FSR consists of a lossy absorption layer, a lossless transmission layer, and an air gap between them. The top frequency selective surface (FSS) layer is a cross-shaped meandering line with resistors and varactors for tunable absorption, and the bottom layer is a cross-shaped gap with varactors to achieve tunable bandpass. The equivalent circuit model (ECM) is investigated, and the 3D full wave simulation is performed. The results are based on simulations, and the simulation results show that the passband can be tuned from 12 to 8 GHz with an insertion loss between 0.5 and 1.4 dB by sweeping the capacitance of the varactors. The proposed design decreases the chances of detection by adversary devices and assures spectrum-safe communication, thereby creating new avenues for radar stealth and target concealment.

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