Salma Samir Omar, Khaled Fawzy Elmulla, Rania Gaber Aly, Ahmed Elkaffas, Aliaa Ismail

A triple combination of latanoprost, fractional CO2 laser, and platelet‐rich plasma in localized vitiligo: A clinical and histopathologic study

  • Dermatology
  • Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and imaging
  • Immunology
  • General Medicine
  • Immunology and Allergy

AbstractBackgroundSeveral treatment modalities are available for the treatment of vitiligo due to the lack of a uniformly effective therapy. Topical latanoprost 0.005% is an effective topical treatment. Fractional CO2 laser alone or combined with platelet‐rich plasma (PRP) has been proposed as effective adjunctive therapies.ObjectivesWe aimed to compare the efficacy of topical latanoprost 0.005% (Ioprost®, Orchidia, Egypt) combined with either add‐on fractional CO2 laser or fractional CO2‐PRP versus topical latanoprost monotherapy in the treatment of localized stable vitiligo.Patients/MethodsThe study included 60 patients randomly assigned into three equal groups. Group A patients received topical latanoprost drops only. Group B patients received topical latanoprost drops and fractional CO2 laser sessions at 2‐week interval for 3 months. Group C patients received topical latanoprost drops and fractional CO2 laser sessions combined with PRP at a 2‐week interval for 3 months. The mean improvement score by the physician was calculated 4 months after the start of the study. Punch skin biopsies were obtained before treatment and 4 months from the beginning of the study and stained with H&E and HMB‐45 antibody for evaluation of pigmentation.ResultsSignificant clinical improvement of vitiligo lesions with significant increase of re‐pigmentation were reported in the three treated groups. Latanoprost in combination with fractional CO2 and PRP was associated with more significant therapeutic outcomes than either combined latanoprost and fractional CO2 or latanoprost alone.ConclusionFractional CO2 laser‐PRP enhances the therapeutic efficacy of latanoprost 0.005% in the treatment of localized stable vitiligo.

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