DOI: 10.24331/ijere.1176980 ISSN: 2458-9322

A Thematic Analysis On Articles Published In The Field Of Educational Administration After 2000s.

  • General Medicine
The purpose of this study is to identify emerging trends and tendencies of educational administration in Turkey and abroad after the 2000s. It is aimed to analyze the articles published in the journals of educational administration from a thematic perspective and to draw comparative results. With the thematic analysis of the articles published in selected journals which are considered important in the field of education administration, it is aimed to reach general assessments of the situation by uncovering the trends in Turkey and the world and examining the similarities and differences in these trends. Leadership as an emerging theme was the most frequently studied category, school improvement, school psychology, administrative structure, and processes followed this. While the themes such as racism, equality, women managers, and gender differences were among the most examined themes in the foreign articles, the situation was the opposite in local articles. In local articles, resolving organizational conflicts and ensuring unity of organization, the members of the organization being attached to the organization, maintaining the order of school and classroom, and ensuring student discipline were underlined. Articles published in the local journal are much more about other educational issues than administration and leadership.

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