DOI: 10.3390/eng5010001 ISSN: 2673-4117

A Systematic Method for Scaling Coefficients of the Continuous-Time Low-Pass ΣΔ Modulator Using a Simulink-Based Toolbox

Bishoy M. Zaky, Mostafa A. Hosny, Hesham A. Omran, Hussein A. Elsayed
  • General Earth and Planetary Sciences

The sigma-delta modulator (SDM) is one of the well-established data converter architectures. It is well-known for achieving a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). In the SDM, the integrators in the loop filter could suffer from overloading if the signal swing exceeds its maximum level, which leads to performance and SNR degradation. Thus, scaling the system coefficients is needed, such that there is no overloading for the integrators. In this work, we present a systematic general method that could be used for scaling the signal swings in the continuous-time low-pass sigma-delta modulator (SDM). The proposed method can be applied to any continuous-time low-pass SDM architecture, and it includes the scaling of all the possible combinations of the system coefficients. Moreover, an open-source Simulink-based toolbox that includes the systematic method is presented. This toolbox could help the designer to execute the scaling process and the simulations in an efficient way. In addition to that, a design example is discussed to illustrate the proposed method, wherein the presented toolbox is used for simulations, and the simulation results are shown.

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