DOI: 10.1166/jno.2023.3410 ISSN:

A Sustainable Method to Convert Waste Heat Energy to Electricity by Using Thermo-Electric Generators

Rinki Gupta, Vaishnavi Rout, Khushi Rajput, V. K. Chawla, Hassan Fouad, M. S. Akhtar
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials

This paper aims to generate clean electricity by utilizing waste heat available in the environment. To achieve this, a thermoelectric generator (TEG) is used in conjunction with a Peltier module, voltage regulator, and USB charging module. The Peltier modules are connected in series to maximize voltage and minimize loss. The proposed methodology is first numerically modeled and simulated using Ansys and COMSOL, after which the model is developed with an assembly of all the above-mentioned modules. The paper mainly focuses on the sustainable use of waste heat energy to produce clean energy in the form of electricity. The paper demonstrates the working principle of thermoelectric generators and their efficiency in generating electricity from waste heat energy. It also explores the various applications of thermoelectric generator technology. The results of all three simulations are compared, and the paper emphasizes the adoption of thermoelectric generators as a practical option to recover wasted heat and reduce the environmental impact of energy-intensive industries. Overall, this paper showcases a practical solution to mitigate environmental degradation caused by industrial waste heat, while simultaneously producing clean energy.

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